Greenberg Conference Abstracts

Joan Bybee
“Extensions of diachronic typology: mechanisms of change as the true universals”

Luca Cavalli-Sforza
“Impact of Greenberg's work on present and future research.”

Bernard Comrie
“Genes and Languages, with Special Reference to Europe and the Caucasus”

William Croft
“A Typology of Social Evolution and Language Change”

Chris Ehret
"Applying the Comparative Method in Deep-Time Historical Linguistics"

Harold Fleming
“Afrasian and Its Closest Relatives: the Borean Hypothesis”

Peter Forster, Antonio Torroni, Colin Renfrew, Arne Röhl
“Asian and American mtDNA Evolution”

Murray Gell-Mann
“Arrows of Time in the Evolution of Human Languages”

Tom Givon
“On the diachronic underpinnings of language universals”

Per Hage
“On the Evolution of American Indian Kinship Systems in World Historical Perspective”

John A. Hawkins
“Cross-linguistic Patterns and their Significance for the Performance-Grammar Interface”

Bernd Heine
“Linguistic Areas and Grammaticalization”

Carol F. Justus
“Mathematical Structures of Early Indo-European Numeral Systems”

Suzanne Kemmer
“Language Typology and Human Conceptualization”

Bh. Krishnamurti
“Language Typology and Regular Sound Change”

Kay McCormick
“Now you see it, now you don't”

Joanna Mountain
“African Genetic Diversity and the Antiquity of Click Languages”

Paul Newman
“Teeth and Tongues; Walkin' and Talkin'”

Merritt Ruhlen
“On the Concept of "Fruitfulness" in Genetic Linguistics”

Masayoshi Shibatani
“A new perspective on grammatical voice”

Susan Steele
“In a Word”

Elizabeth Traugott
“Regrammaticalization, exaptation and legitimate counterexamples to grammaticalization

Christy G. Turner II
“Is the Divergence Between Europeans and East Asians Temporally Deep or Shallow, and How Can Linguistics Help in this Question?”

W. Wang
“The Bai Enigma: A Study in Linguistic Classification”

Stephen L. Zegura
Y-Chromosomes and the Early Peopling of the Americas”